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Overland Track – How many Nights?

 Overland Track – How Many Nights?

How many days you should spend walking the overland track is a frequently asked question and integral to your planning.

Should I do the track in six days?

If I don’t have time should I do it in five days?

How many extra days should I spend if I want to do the side trips?

These are some common questions I hope to answer. How many days greatly depends on two variables. How many side trips you want to do, and juggling the transport options for these various lengths. In my opinion six days is the ideal length, in both covering lots of side trips, and also having the greatest range of transport options. However, in my experience, the transport companies are quite flexible, and if you miss your bus, the next service is generally ok to jump on.

And of course, if you book your own private transport you can leave any day you want, and get picked up any time you want, but it will just cost you a little extra. In the end it could be worth it just to have piece of mind and a bit of extra flexibility

Keep reading for a full breakdown

Content current until 11th April 2015

Overland Track Gear List

Multi Day Hiking Gear List

When I pack for a multi day hike, I tend to be very minimalistic in my approach, and try to pack as light as possible. I want to be carrying as little weight as possible. Packing for your hike is also quite a personal thing, and use this list only as a guide. You will most likely alter this list to fit your needs, but there are some bare minimums which you will need to consider.

I’ve broken this list down into sections to better help you organise yourself. Read on to see the full list.

How Much Does The Overland Track Cost?

Overland Track Cost


One of the first things I researched before deciding I wanted to hike The Overland Track was how much is this thing going to cost me. This is a bit of a loaded question, but right now I’m just going to break down the cost of all fees you may incur, and go through some of the costs of transport.

Cost ItemPrice
Overland Track Fee and Parks Pass$230
Transport from Launceston, and Finishing in Hobart -Add $30 for Hobart to Hobart round trip$106
Lake St. Claire Ferry - Optional$38
Flights - Rough estimate of return flights$250
Accommodation - Just one night in Launceston needed at a minimum$50
Airport Transfers$30
Food consumed during walk$100
Estimated total$750

Keep reading for a full breakdown of the costs involved.

The Overland Track

Welcome to The Overland Track

Hi, my names Lee and I love hiking. I want to help you organise your hike along The Overland Track, as I was quite daunted at everything you need to plan for, and what little information was available on the internet. If you would like to know more about me and my experience, check out the About Me page.

 What is The Overland Track

The Overland Track is one of Australia’s most iconic multi day hikes. Residing in the heart of Tasmania, the hike covers 65 kilometers between Cradle Mountain and Lake St. Claire. The track winds through the world heritage listed national park and passes some of the highest peaks in Tasmania, the most famous being Cradle Mountain. That’s me in the photo standing on top of it. One of the biggest attractions to the walk is the vast changes in scenery as you progress, from mountains, rainforest and alpine plains.

The walk starts just north of Cradle Mountain and finishes at Lake St. Claire, however many people choose to walk the final 17km around the lake, that’s what I chose to do!

The walk  normally takes 5 or 6 days but you may choose to take as little or as long as you want. There are many side trips you can take and easily extend your hike up to 10 days, and I highly recommend doing them.