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Booking Your Walk in 6 Easy Steps

Booking Your Walk in 6 Easy Steps

Booking Your Overland Hike


Overland Track Booking

Overland Track booking system

Booking your walk can be relatively straightforward once you have sorted out your transport, and what dates you want to depart on. However before then you will be going around in circles a few times before you actually commit to a date. The way I like to do it is by following a few simple steps outlined below..

  1. Work out an approximate time you want to do the overland track. For example, I plan on hiking the track in December.
  2. Go to The Overland Track Booking website to see the spots that are left for that month. The example on the right shows lots of spots early in the month, but early in the week is definitely is more popular. Be aware that bookings for the next season do not open until the 1st of July each year.
  3. Now you have a few dates to play with. You now need to decide how many days you are going to do the track. Most people take six, so lets use six in this example.
  4. Then jump over to The Quick Public Transport Guide to then decide the best day for you to leave, and that fits in with the available dates from the booking website. If you are organising private transport this step is not so important. In this example I’m going to aim to book on a Saturday. This is an extremely flexible day as it gives you the option for a five, six or seven day, and you can also leave Friday after work, take a week off, and be back at work the next Monday. Plus in the example, all Saturdays have plenty of spaces left.
  5. So now we have 4 dates to play with from this example. Time to look into flights. I like to use Kayak as its easy to select multiple airports, and it searches across many airlines in no time. Within about 2 minutes I found an option that flew Sydney to Launceston, then Hobart back to Sydney, on the dates needed, for only $233.
  6. Once you have confirmed you have flight options, its time to go ahead and book everything. I’d call you’re transport company first to confirm that they have places available  then after that head over to the booking website and book in your walk and organise some accommodation!

Well it might seem pretty straight forward but I know I went over these steps and back to number one several times before I finally found a date that suited me. Once everything is all booked, it’s time to enter the second part of planning. So head on over to my Gear List for an overview of what you will need to pack.

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