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How Much Does The Overland Track Cost?

How Much Does The Overland Track Cost?

Overland Track Cost


One of the first things I researched before deciding I wanted to hike The Overland Track was how much is this thing going to cost me. This is a bit of a loaded question, but right now I’m just going to break down the cost of all fees you may incur, and go through some of the costs of transport.

Cost ItemPrice
Overland Track Fee and Parks Pass$230
Transport from Launceston, and Finishing in Hobart -Add $30 for Hobart to Hobart round trip$106
Lake St. Claire Ferry - Optional$38
Flights - Rough estimate of return flights$250
Accommodation - Just one night in Launceston needed at a minimum$50
Airport Transfers$30
Food consumed during walk$100
Estimated total$750

Keep reading for a full breakdown of the costs involved.

Overland Track Fees

Due to most walkers wanting to hike the track want to go during the warmer months, Tasmanian parks and wildlife services have imposed a peak season fee, in order to reduce the impact of human activity. From the 1st October to 31st of May, you are required to book your walk and pay a fee. Outside these dates you do not require to book and the fee is waived, and you only need a park pass. The Overland Track Fee for 2014-15 is $200AUD for and adult and $160AUD for children under 17 and seniors.

A park entry fee is also required no matter what time you plan on walking, and is separate to The Overland Track fee. There are a few options for the park entry fee, but the one you will most likely choose is the Holiday pass for up to 8 weeks. This is $30AUD per person, or if you are travelling in a group you can purchase a pass for up to 8 people for $60AUD

Transport Tariffs

There are a myriad of transport options for you to decide on when undertaking the walk. Here is a breakdown of the current costs of a few of the more popular options:

Launceston to Cradle Mountain: $55AUD

Lake St. Claire to Hobart: $51AUD

Hobart to Launceston: $33AUD

Echo Point to Cynthia Bay Ferry: $38AUD


I’ve based my flight costs from flying from Sydney. Whether you choose to fly in or out of either Hobart or Launceston, prices are pretty much the same. From Sydney, a return flight averages about $250AUD, depending on season


Obviously this can vary quite a bit, but to get a nice backpackers private room $50AUD is about what it would cost. Dorm rooms will be cheaper and hotels more expensive. If you plan on flying into Launceston, only one night of paid accommodation is really required. At the end of the walk I just camped at Cynthia Bay for the final night, and flew out o Hobart the following evening

Total Costs

So in summary, the walk will probably set you back in the order of $750AUD at a minimum. I think you would struggle to get this price down lower. However there is of course some room for movement. You could get a great deal on some flights, and also find some poor Tasmanian friend to transport you to and from the walk.

Also bear in mind there will be other expenditures. In my case this is mostly beer, like one of the 13 beers on offer at my favorite pub in Hobart. You may also need to buy new gear or hire some, and this will obviously increase this cost. But at least you now have a basic understanding of what you can expect to pay,

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